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I'm David Johnston

At first, I too was frustrated by photography and I didn't know how to create the photos I wanted to shoot, let alone turn my passion into a career. I was tempted to quit many times.

Instead, I dove deep into photography and became a full-time landscape photographer. Since then, I've been able to work with brands and companies like REI, Amazon, Tamron, and FujiFilm.

Now I use the knowledge I've gained since 2010 to help others master their camera, ignite their composition, and realize their own dreams of earning an income with photography.


Where Would You Like To Start?

101 Master Your Camera

Break free from auto settings and learn to use your camera to its full potential.


201 Ignite Your Composition

Discover how professional photographers create their photos so you can take the photos you've dreamed of.


301 Build Your Photo Business

Realize your dreams of starting your own landscape photography business.


"I was out shooting last week before the course and am in the process of evaluating the images based on the course content. I already see how I could do better and will go back and retake some of the same photos. The course was very inspiring and energizing."

- John Toth

"I have struggled with my confidence in composing landscape images and this course is exactly what I needed. David has broken down his wealth of knowledge into several modules. Each module layers on the previous one and provides in-depth explanations of the topic."

- Kathy Linford

"Beginners, intermediate and advanced will all benefit from this excellent course! The way David explains the elements, processes and benefits to each module will help photographers of all levels either level up, remind or refine their approach to photography."

- Darren Spoonley

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