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How to Use a Wide Angle Lens For Landscape Photography

camera tips gear lens Jan 06, 2023
wide angle lens for landscape photography

Wide angle lenses are a staple in any landscape photographer's kit, as they allow you to capture a broad, sweeping view of the scene in front of you.

In this blog post, we'll go over some tips for using wide angle lenses for landscape photography, including when to use them, how to focus, and how to compose your shots.

Wide Angle Lens Basics

First, let's talk about when to use wide angle lenses for landscape photography. Wide angle lenses are best for capturing a sense of place and conveying the grandeur of a scene. They are particularly useful for photographing landscapes that have a strong sense of depth, such as mountain ranges or valleys.

To get the most out of your wide angle lens, it's important to focus accurately. In landscape photography, you typically want to focus on infinity to get as much of the scene in focus as possible. To do this, switch your lens to manual focus mode and turn the focus ring until the scene appears sharp. Alternatively, you can use autofocus and focus on a distant object in the scene.

Wide Angle Lens Composition

Composition is also crucial when using a wide angle lens for landscape photography. Because wide angle lenses have a broad field of view, it's important to think about how you want to include all of the elements in the scene. One technique to consider is the "rule of thirds," which involves mentally dividing the frame into nine equal parts and placing key elements along the lines or at the intersections. This can create a more balanced and pleasing composition.

Another technique to try with a wide angle lens is to get low to the ground and shoot upwards, which can create a sense of scale and make the scene appear more expansive. You can also try using foreground elements, such as rocks or flowers, to add depth and interest to the photo.

In summary, wide angle lenses are an essential tool for landscape photographers, allowing you to capture a broad view of the scene and convey a sense of place. By focusing accurately and composing carefully, you can create stunning landscape photos with your wide angle lens.