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How to Use Your Telephoto Lens For Landscape Photography

camera tips gear lens Jan 05, 2023
using a telephoto lens for landscape photography

Telephoto lenses are a valuable tool for landscape photographers, as they allow you to compress the distance between objects in the scene and create a more dynamic composition.

In this blog post, we'll go over some tips for using telephoto lenses for landscape photography, including when to use them, how to focus, and how to compose your shots.

Secluding Your Subjects

First, let's talk about when to use telephoto lenses for landscape photography. Generally, telephoto lenses are best for photographing landscapes when you want to focus on a specific feature in the scene, such as a mountain or a tree. They can also be useful for capturing details that might be too small to see with the naked eye, or for isolating a subject within a crowded scene.

Telephoto Lens Focus

To get the most out of your telephoto lens, it's important to focus accurately. In landscape photography, you typically want to focus on infinity to get as much of the scene in focus as possible. To do this, switch your lens to manual focus mode and turn the focus ring until the scene appears sharp. Alternatively, you can use autofocus and focus on a distant object in the scene.

Composition With Your Telephoto Lens

Composition is also crucial when using a telephoto lens for landscape photography. Because telephoto lenses have a narrow field of view, it's important to choose your subject carefully and position it in a way that makes the most of the limited space. This can be as simple as placing a prominent feature in the center of the frame, or using leading lines to draw the eye towards the subject.

Panning With a Telephoto Lens

Another technique to consider when using a telephoto lens for landscape photography is panning. This involves following the movement of a subject with the camera as you take the photo, resulting in a blurred background and a sharply focused subject. This technique can add a sense of motion and dynamism to your landscapes.

In summary, telephoto lenses are a powerful tool for landscape photographers, allowing you to focus on specific subjects and capture details that might be missed with a wider lens. By accurately focusing, composing carefully, and using techniques like panning, you can create dynamic and striking landscape photos with your telephoto lens.