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6 Tips to Master Every Landscape Photography Location

camera tips locations Oct 10, 2022
Landscape photography tips to be able to photograph every landscape photography location.

6 Tips to Master Every Landscape Photography Location

Master any location with these landscape photography tips

As landscape photographers, we have to be able to adapt very quickly. Conditions in locations change, the light changes, and the gear we use to capture photos changes. 

We also have to adapt to the landscape in front of us. If you drive from coast to coast in the United States, for example, you will face seascapes, mountains, deserts, prairies, and more!

These six tips in this video will help you master your photography locations whether you're taking a coast-to-coast trip, or just going from one place to another.

Now, whether or not you come to face every single one of the locations in this video, you can still pull information from these tips and apply it to other locations as well. 

Keep in mind, our main subject as landscape photographers is light. So, if you are photographing light in the prairies, you can be sure that the same strategies can be applied to photographing light in sand dunes.


Because they are features that actually look similar. They both have rolling ridges, peaks, and valleys. You could argue that mountains are the exact same way. 

Another example would be seascapes and waterfalls. While they may not be in the same location, each has similar natural features. 

Seascapes can have jagged bouldering rocks and crashing water. The same can be true of waterfalls. Large cascading waterfalls require nearly identical camera settings as quickly moving water on rocky seascapes. 

The moral of the lesson here is to know all of the possible locations and learn from each one of them. 

Most importantly, is to learn to use your camera in manual mode to be able to adjust your settings to capture each of these landscapes best.